With yet another NFL regular season coming to a close, we look to January for plenty of sports action to come! This New Year, get into the excitement of the NCAAF National Championship, NFL playoffs, NCAA basketball, NBA, NHL, Tennis, Golf and more! Heritage Sports offers the earliest reduced juice line available for NCAA basketball, Free contests and a long list of perks that you won't find anywhere else! We invite you to enjoy in yet another year of fun with us in 2024!
NEW! Link$ Bets   NEW! Link$ Bets

Link$ gives you more bang for your buck! Make a bet chain by linking the winnings from one wager to the next, what used to be known as leverage bets or if-bets has a new twist! Check out this new feature by clicking the Link$ box inside your Heritage Sports account. Start a new chain or Link$ to a pending bet, even when you don't have an available balance!
NEW! Parlay Pick$   NEW! Parlay Pick$

Parlay Pick$ and Same Game Parlays at your finger tips! Pre-selected parlay blocks are now available in the Pick$ section of the website. Some same game parlays will be posted along with a selection of other trending parlays with enticing payout odds to help facilitate making your selections and increase your chances to win big with Heritage Sports!